Rich Port City!!



In the fall of October 2013, we made the decision to visit San Juan, PR. The other option was Los Angeles, CA, and trust me, this was a tough decision, but I knew I’d make my way to LA one way or another. Anyways, our trip was nothing short of amazing!! You may be wondering why we chose to visit a place with palm trees and gorgeous, white sand beaches in the Fall and not the Spring or Summer. The answer is simple. Read more

The Windy City


Chicago Bean

Early last month, a couple of my girls and I packed our bags and ventured off to Chi-Town. Everyone thought we were crazy for abandoning┬áthe sunshine for Chicago’s 18 degree weather, but we could not resist a $98 flight. And as crazy as it may sound, neither of us had ever seen snow! In Florida, we only experience two seasons, hot and hotter, and though I hate cold weather, I could not wait to experience another element!!

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