The Big Easy

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They say once you meet her, you’ll never leave her. Now, this is a statement that I cannot negate. New Orleans is easily one of my fave US cities!! The music, the food, the atmosphere, and the culture, they all possess this mesmerizing force that I can’t seem to shake, not that I’d want to. There is so much to do and see in New Orleans. However, it seems that every time I go, Bourbon St. finds a way to hold me hostage, but not this time!!  Read more

Viva La Mexico

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I finally made it to Mexico!!!! I canceled my trip to Mexico City last year because a hurricane was threatening to wreak havoc. The opportunity to compensate for this canceled trip came two months later when the flight deal posted a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun for only $141! I called my reliable travel partners, and as usual, they were ready to book. I mean who is not down to collect a stamp at the price of $141? Read more

Arabian Nights

On Christmas day 2014, my gift to myself came in the form of a flight to the United Arab Emirates!! I had just finished eating and decided to check The Flight Deal’s website. To my surprise, there was a glitch in Etihad’s system and flights to Asia and Africa were priced at $200-$300. A wave of excitement came over me, followed by a rush of anxiety. Read more