Sweetwater Wetlands


I’m from the small town of Archer, FL, and the nearest “major” city is Gainesville. When people hear about either of these cities, they almost always say “I passed that exit on I-75!” ::rolls eyes:: As a result, I’m constantly in search of events and activities that will put us on the map. This past weekend, I visited Sweetwater Wetlands Park. Sweetwater Wetlands is a “man-made wetland habitat” that consists of trails, plants, and different animal species. Alligators, horses, and other wildlife have been spotted here, but I was only fortunate enough to see a variety of birds, fish, and spiders. Ugh. The 125 acres used to create the Sweetwater Wetlands is a small fraction of Paynes Prairie.
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Flirty 30 Pt. 1


I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday. Time was winding down, and I did not have long to decide. I really wanted to visit Brussels, but they had just been the center of attack one month prior, so that was out of the question…temporarily. Since visiting Curacao last year, I felt compelled to visit every island that constituted the “ABC Islands”- Read more

Southern Seafood & Crab Festival


If you’re a seafood lover and you’re available August 13, you may not want to miss this! Lake City is hosting their Southern Seafood and Crab Festival at the Lake City Fairgrounds from 10 am – 7 pm. I’ve never been to Lake City’s seafood festival, but if it’s anything like the one in St. Augustine, I suggest you be there as soon as the gates swing open. Read more