Trip Planning Resources

Over the past few months, I have snagged quite a few awesome flight deals that were just too good to pass up. I purchased a flight from Tampa to Washington DC for $117 RT and Tampa to Chi-Town for $98 RT. Two of the biggest deals of them all was a roundtrip flight from New York to Abu Dhabi for only $211!!! Yes, you read that correctly!! $211!!! Of course I had to purchase a flight to New York, but that was the least of my worries. My next blessing in disguise came two years later when I came across a deal from Orlando to Brussels for only $330. Of course the flight to Abu Dhabi was cheaper, but I reside in Florida. I do not have to worry about purchasing a flight to Orlando. This will cost me nothing more than a tank of gas. Now, you may be wondering where I learn about these great deals. I check The Flight Deal religiously! I’m talking several times per day! The first thing most people check when they wake in the morning is their social media accounts, but not me. Nope. I check The Flight Deal. The deals they post are only valid for a day or two, so you have to be ready to purchase the flight at that moment. Translation: stay ready so you’ll never have to get ready.

When searching for lodging, it is not uncommon for me to search Trip Advisor or Airbnb for vacation rentals. Hosts are renting their homes for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. Guests even have the option to leave a review of the property which has turned out to be very helpful. In most cases, you won’t even take full advantage of the hotel’s amenities because you’ll only use your room to rest up for the next day’s activities. Why not save that extra cash and apply it towards an activity or meal? If anyone is ever searching for vacation homes in the Orlando, FL area, Homes 4 UU is highly recommended! My friends and I have been using this company for years and never had any issues. For those of you that absolutely have to stay in a hotel, I encourage you to take advantage of their rewards program. This allows you to acquire points for each stay, and once you accumulate a specified number of points, you can earn free nights!! If you reserve your room in advance, you may save a little more by periodically checking the price of the rooms. The price constantly changes, and you never know, you may be able to snag the room at a lower rate. I’ve done this on several occasions, and even received a $50 gift card as part of the promotion for that package which just so happened to be offered at a lower rate than the one I initially reserved!! These are just a few of the resources and tricks that I employ to find good deals. What resources do you use when planning your vacations?