Dirty Dancing in Havana? Here’s What You Should Know…

I just returned from an extended weekend trip in Cuba, and I must say that it was quite the experience!! JetBlue had just started servicing flights from Orlando and Miami, and $114 was just too good to pass up. Besides, Cuba was one of many destinations on my bucket list. Because I did not want to encounter any mishaps, I conducted hella research in advance that helped prepare me for my trip. Now, US citizens are NOT allowed to visit Cuba for tourism purposes. The nature of one’s travel must meet the conditions of one of 12 categories of travel. More information on these categories can be found Read more

From Paris With Love…

Since I was able to score an inexpensive flight to Brussels, why not take advantage of the location and catch the train to a few other countries? Weeeeelllllllll, it didn’t work out that way. Because I’m a procrastinator, I waited too late to book the train tickets to Paris, and they skyrocketed to $200+. We ended up country hopping via bus, Flixbus to be exact. The tickets were about $30 roundtrip. Had we purchased the train tickets in advance, they would’ve been around $40 roundtrip. Moral of the story: book your train tickets in advance!! The closer you get to your departure date, the more expensive the train ticket. Read more

ATA – Winter Wonderland

::sings:: It’s the most…wonderful time…of the year!! So by now, you should know that I love lights!! City lights, Christmas lights, bright lights…all of the above. Last year, I visited St. Augustine’s Night of Lights in the historic district during the holidays, and it was amazing! You know this event has to be a big deal if it made it to National Geographic’s Top 10 Best Holiday Lighting Displays in the world for 2 consecutive years!! If you’re looking for something different to do this holiday season, St. Augustine is where you need to be. Read more

Belgian Beer & Waffles

If you’ve been following my posts, you may recall me mentioning that I wanted to visit Europe for my birthday and partake in a little country hopping. Well, this came into fruition sooner than expected. A flight deal flashed across my phone screen for a roundtrip flight to Brussels for only $331!! Ok, now you have my attention!! I researched hotels, train tickets, and living accommodations. Everything was coming together; I was ready to purchase my first flight to Europe. Read more

Flirty 30 Pt. 2


So about a week and a half after I purchased my flight to Trinidad, The Flight Deal posted a deal to Aruba!! Well, I’ll be damned. Really,  American Airlines?? The deal could not have come at a better time ::rolls eyes:: Now, a lot of flights listed on the flight deal’s website have certain stipulations that must be followed in order to take advantage of the low rate. This deal required you to leave on a Tuesday or Thursday. Hmmm… Read more

Bon Bini Na Korsou

FullSizeRender 7

So I was browsing on instagram one day and came across a photo of what appeared to be underwater scooters. I instantly got excited and added Curacao to my bucket list. After researching the price of flights, I moved it farther down my list. The flights were an average of $600, and that is not within my price range. I have purchased flights and reserved hotels for less than $600, and all of the hotels where I make reservations are swanky! Anyways, I settled for the Read more

ATA – Sweetwater Wetlands


I’m from the small town of Archer, FL, and the nearest “major” city is Gainesville. When people hear about either of these cities, they almost always say “I passed that exit on I-75!” ::rolls eyes:: As a result, I’m constantly in search of events and activities that will put us on the map. This past weekend, I visited Sweetwater Wetlands Park. Sweetwater Wetlands is a “man-made wetland habitat” that consists of trails, plants, and different animal species. Alligators, horses, and other wildlife have been spotted here, but I was only fortunate enough to see a variety of birds, fish, and spiders. Ugh. The 125 acres used to create the Sweetwater Wetlands is a small fraction of Paynes Prairie.
Read more

Flirty 30 Pt. 1


I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday. Time was winding down, and I did not have long to decide. I really wanted to visit Brussels, but they had just been the center of attack one month prior, so that was out of the question…temporarily. Since visiting Curacao last year, I felt compelled to visit every island that constituted the “ABC Islands”- Read more