Rich Port City!!



In the fall of October 2013, we made the decision to visit San Juan, PR. The other option was Los Angeles, CA, and trust me, this was a tough decision, but I knew I’d make my way to LA one way or another. Anyways, our trip was nothing short of amazing!! You may be wondering why we chose to visit a place with palm trees and gorgeous, white sand beaches in the Fall and not the Spring or Summer. The answer is simple. Fall season = off-peak = less tourism = greater deals. When traveling during off-peak seasons, you don’t have to worry about congested streets and you actually have the opportunity to mingle with the locals and not other tourists. And because Puerto Rico has a tropical climate, we were still able to bask in the sun’s rays. The weather was perfect.

We hopped on a trolley which chauffeured us around Old San Juan, allowing us to absorb its rich history. The trolley wasn’t narrated, but that did not take away from the experience. We strolled the streets of Old San Juan exploring the forts, sampling the fine cuisine, and enjoying the night life. While one group of us explored the streets of Old San Juan, the other group headed to El Yunque rainforest to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat and hike to the mountains to swim in the waterfalls. We had time to catch a water ferry to Casa Barcadi, the Bacardi Rum Factory. We were given a tour of the factory, and following the tour, we were given tickets to redeem for free drinks at the bar!! It was 5 o’ clock somewhere!!

When the day’s activities had taken their tolls on our bodies, we headed to La Concha to rest. La Concha, a Renaissance Resort, was everything!! I could not have made a better choice!! The resort was situated on Condado beach and was centrally located. The suites were very spacious and the furniture, modern. Several pools were available for those that preferred to take a dip in chlorine water as opposed to salt water. If I ever make my way back to San Juan, I will definitely be making my reservations at La Concha again! I’m certain it will be even better a second time around!

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